Product development partnership

Intends to enhance collaboration between local and international actors to support transfer of knowledge, technologies and entrepreneurship skills to Tanzania by leveraging on the opportunities created in the country to prototype and produce marketable innovations.

About Us

The Product Development Partnership Forum is a recently established virtual centre hosted at Ifakara Health Institute as part of an initiative to foster innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Tanzania. PDP Forum is driven by the energy of enhancing Tanzania's capability to innovate its own products up to the commercialization stage. We aim to create a broad pipeline of innovators and entrepreneurs to invent affordable technologies and use the design studios and makerspaces currently existing in the PDP consortium.

Why us


The PDP Forum is committed to integrity, upholding ethical standards and transparency in all collaborations to foster Tanzania's innovation ecosystem. This approach builds trust among partners, ensures innovations are socially responsible, and benefits the community.


The PDP Forum places a high emphasis on confidentiality, protecting sensitive information to safeguard intellectual property, partner interests, and project data. This secure environment fosters trust, allowing for free collaboration and knowledge sharing among innovators within the ecosystem.

Discover your potential. Innovate without limits.

Programs & Services

PDP Student Innovation Outreach

This program identifies and supports student entrepreneurs and innovators from technical and health universities and colleges. This program intends to establish a sustainable pipeline of innovation driven by market needs and selection of innovations to enter into the PDP retreat for partners to review the business cases and select ideas for the first cohort. Among the benefits, the selected innovation gets non-equity funds, incubation and mentorship opportunities from the PDP network partners.

Design and Product Development

Through this partnership, PDP adopts a global health technology curriculum that incorporates problem-based learning, real-world design experiences, scope new product development opportunities and launch new products. In favor of design and product development, the PDP supports equipment expansion of the Engineering Design Studio at Robotech labs, Ifakara Innovation Hub and BongoTech & Research Labs to enable product designing, prototyping, validation and manufacturing-ready products.

Technical Trainings and Support

The partnership with BongoTech & Research Labs, Robotech Labs as well Ifakara Health Institute brings expertise in technologies for engineering, life science and biomedical, technical consulting, programming, systems maintenance and repair. Our partner Ifakara Innovation Hub brings its design studio to foster early-stage innovations by leveraging its existing relationship with health training centers and the referral hospital in Ifakara. On the other hand, Villgro Africa serves the best for incubation tracking and learning system, hand-holding for incubator managers.

PDP Entrepreneurship in Residence (EiR) Program

Through the EssentialTech Center of EPFL, our network partners, the EiR program allows selected candidates from innovation and entrepreneurship project pipeline to benefit from a three-months stay in Switzerland where they can attend training, meet other local entrepreneurs, coaches & mentors and have the opportunity to work on their projects in terms of business aspects and product development.

PPDP Business Modelling and Incubation

PDP incubation offers up to 3 years incubation to start-ups and early-stage ventures to enable them to develop and improve their product or service for entry into the manufacturing ready product, with the priority to innovative businesses in ICT, healthcare and life sciences. PDP hosts entrepreneurship bootcamps and training in partnership with Villgro Africa, tapping their experience as the Pan-African early-stage business incubator and impact investor that supports health and life science start-ups on the African continent.

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The PDP forum is currently being funded by Fondation Botnar and Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) acting through the Embassy of Switzerland to Tanzania.


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Villgro Africa
Bongo Tech
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